Agile/XP Development

Perigee brings a wealth of experience designing and developing applications that you can trust. We do this through the use of Agile / XP methods.

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Artificial Intelligence is the technology catch-phrase of this new decade, but Perigee applies AI principles into the layers of every software application, allowing systems to learn, adapt, and self-manage. Intelligent systems must be able to tag and store knowledge, develop processes for repeatable activities, and revise those processes based on goals.

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Technology Strategy

With more than 30 years in the information technology industry, Perigee’s leaders can help you recognize your problems, develop enterprise strategies, and chart an implementation plan for your future.

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A history of success

The technology landscape is crowded with consulting or engineering firms that also write software. We are a software house that can come alongside almost any organization and solve large-scale problems. Perigee has developed corporate systems for Fortune-100 companies, solved novel problems in the telecommunications and defense industries, and introduced new technologies at the forefront of today’s technology infrastructure.

Perigee provides experienced technology leaders that are comfortable in the board room, but grew up in the data center. We know how to select technologies, define systems, and deliver projects on time and on budget. Making technology change happen successfully is not just about the newest tool, programming language, computer, or network. Its about evaluating the organization to determine what kind of solution fits, and how much the organization can change.

There is art and artistry in the structure of great architecture. Perigee provides software professionals that see beyond the computer to the art and artistry of developing systems that are successful.

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