About Us

Our Technology Sweetspot

Many companies can develop Agile software. Many companies can develop technology roadmaps, and many companies can assist you in selecting new technology infrastructure. Perigee is different. Developing new software for your organization should, likely, be the last resort when COTS products are not available or new systems provide you with a competitive advantage. Despite the proliferation of software methodologies, almost half of new systems still fail, largely because they did not properly capture business needs, did not socially-engineer product introduction, or the system was too error prone. Lastly, building a technology organization that supports the speed of business change is rarely achieved in the vast majority of information technology shops.

Our Story

Perigee brings proven, solid IT experience. We are capable of building actionable technology roadmaps that support one-year or decades-long business planning. We are able to query, categorize and identify how to successfully introduce new systems into your enterprise, repeatedly. we are able to identify where you can’t match your business needs, develop plans to scale you up or skinny you down, and implement those plans working alongside your staff and your customers. Perigee is a team multiplier.

Our Leadership

Perigee’s leadership empowers our employees solve customer problems. Customers matter most! Projects and profit only grow with satisfied customers. Hard work, making the right decisions at the right time, and clear communication are at the core of what we provide.

Dr. David Sayre

Managing Partner

Dr. Sayre has over 30 years experience making change happen in large organizations. He has built software platforms at the core of Billion dollar corporations, built technology strategies for government and industry, and architected successful social change with new technology introduction.

Dr. Sayre has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and Runtime Verification & Validation. He is also a certified Project Management Professional.

David is an avid outdoorsman, part-time educator in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, bad IT project heckler, and tireless technology visioncaster.